Emanuel grew up in Lima Ohio, where what he calls the dope track/I 75, runs through.  He was raised by his mother because his parents separated when he was 2.  In the late 80's, early 90’s, Lima gained the nicknames Baby Detroit and Little Chicago so one can just imagine the state of the city.  It is no different than most urban communities in all cities across America, so when drugs and gangs made their way to Lima, it too was also wrecked and ravished.

In 2004 Emanuel's older sister found him a place in Columbus, Ohio, where she lived.  Exit Lima, Enter Columbus.  He enrolled at Columbus State Community College the following year.  All though his major was Business, he studied poetry, acting, philosophy, video editing, photography, storyboard, creative writing, and more over a 4 year span while obtaining his associates degree.  This helped add more to his lyrical content and expanded his writing ability.

Since living in Columbus, Emanuel has released 5 music projects: The Wake Up Call (2012), I Come In Peace (2015), Emanuel's Inferno (2016), Emanuel (The Album)(2017), and When The Small Talk Ends (2017).